CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre

CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre (CAMH HPRC) is positioned to act as Ontario’s source for health promotion evidence regarding mental health and substance use. Funded by the Ontario Government, the centre builds capacity in health promotion, public health and allied health professionals as it relates to mental health and substance misuse prevention.  In addition, their other primary activities include partnership development and knowledge exchange to impact local and system-level practice, planning and policy.

The centre works to promote the use of research evidence in health promotion programming, policy and planning by translating research and expertise. To facilitate this evidence to action approach, they develop different knowledge exchange mechanisms and products including toolkits, reports, webinars, workshops and engage in social media.

For example, this video featured below explains the separate but interconnected concepts of mental health and mental illness, as well as what it means to ‘promote mental health’, in ourselves and in our communities

In addition to translating evidence from their partners, they also produce research that informs mental health promotion and substance misuse prevention. Explore the CAMH HPRC portal linked below for the latest evidence on health promotion within mental health and substance use.


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