Canadian Drowning Report 2017

The Drowning Prevention Research Centre Canada has released 2017 edition of the Canadian Drowning Report.

Examining the most recent 2014 Coroners data in Canada, the report identifies a downward trend in drowning incidents in Canada, between 1990-2014. According to the report, there were 428 drowning deaths in Canadian waters in 2014, the lowest number of water- related fatalities to be reported in the last 25 years. Despite the positive trend however, the report notes that, high numbers of preventable water-related fatalities continue to occur in Canada: a total of 2,322 children, youth and adults lost their lives in  between 2010 and 2014 in preventable drowning incidents.

Furthermore, the report also identifying key demographic indicators around preventable water-related fatalities such as :

  • Who is drowning? (Age, Sex &Ethnicity)
  • When are they drowning? (Time of year, Day of week)
  • Where are they drowning? (Body of water, Provinces & territories, Urban vs.Rural)
  • What they were doing? (Purpose of activity, type of activity, Boating)

The current report also details the risk factors around preventable water-related fatalities. Download the report here to learn more.



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