Child Safety Good Practice Guide

The Canadian Edition of the Child Safety Good Practice Guide provides the first seminal, comprehensive document in the country from which decision-makers, practitioners and legislators can base their work and recommendations. It is designed to enable Canadian injury prevention practitioners to examine Canadian strategy options for unintentional child injury, move away from what has ‘always been done’ and move toward good investments – strategies that are known to work or have the greatest probability of success.

This document is based on the 2006 European Child Safety Good Practice Guide, which was launched by the European Child Safety Alliance (the Alliance) in order to provide guidance on proven, effective injury prevention strategies.  Safe Kids Canada (which amalgamated with Safe Communities Canada, SMARTRISK, and ThinkFirst Canada to create Parachute) formally partnered with the Alliance to bring the Guide to Canada.

Evidence-based good practices are provided in this guide for those considering uptake, transfer and implementation of specific strategies or interventions.  In particular, evidence “at-a-glance” tables include referenced evidence statements and transfer / implementation points on 11 child safety topics, and 17 case studies demonstrate ‘real world’ success in at least one Canadian context. To learn more, download the Child Safety Good Practice Guide, below.


Child Safety Good Practice Guide
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