After a Concussion: Return-to-Sport Strategy

The Return-to-Sport Strategy outlines the steps to follow in order return to sport and physical activity after a concussion. The evidence-based stages of the Return-to-Sport Strategy were developed as part of the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport released in April 2017.

A concussion is a serious injury, but you can recover fully if your brain is given enough time to rest and recuperate. Returning to normal activities, including sport participation, is a step-wise process that requires patience, attention, and caution.

It is important that students successfully complete the Return-to-School Strategy before full return to sport participation (i.e., before moving to Stages 5 and 6 of the Return-to-Sport Strategy).

The Return-to-Sport Strategy is useful to anyone involved in the care and recovery of a person with concussion such as parents, caregivers, teachers, and coaches.

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