Concussion Ed – Parachute’s Concussion Education App

Concussion Ed, Parachute’s newest mobile applicationseeks to connect individuals with concussion information on how to prevent, recognize and manage concussions. With a growing spotlight on concussion and need for awareness, the app fills a critical knowledge gap in the injury prevention community by providing credible evidence-based concussion information on the go.

ConcussionEd screen graphic

Built for a range of audiences such as parents, teachers, coaches and athletes, the app presents tailored information in English & French that each individual can access based on their unique circumstance and language requirements. The interactive format carries wide visual appeal with information presented in multiple formats such as swipe gallery images, videos and printable resources.

Segmented in four sections, i.e. Prevent, Recognize, Manage, and Track, the app provides the full spectrum of concussion education from prevention through to management. Unique to Concussion Ed, the ‘Track’ feature of the app allows the user to record the concussion experiences of one or more concussed victims on a calendar, which can then be tracked and communicated to the physician. The app’s content library also includes resources such as Return to Learn and Return to Play guidelines and gold-standard concussion assessment tools such as the SCAT3 .

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