Ontario Evidence-Informed Practice Recommendations

In April, 2013, the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre released the Ontario Regional Injury Data Report. The report presented the most common causes of injury in each Ontario region (Central East, Central West, Eastern, South West, Northern and Toronto) in terms of emergency room visits, hospitalizations and deaths. The regional reports contain recommendations pertaining to the most common causes of injury in each respective region.

Ontario Evidence-Informed Practice Recommendations 

To supplement this report, the Ontario Evidence-Informed Practice Recommendations document is a compilation of all evidence-informed practice recommendations prepared for each region across the province. By combining each of the evidence-informed recommendation sections into one document, injury prevention practitioners can have access to prevention strategies for the most common causes of injury across the province, in addition to the strategies provided in the individual regional reports. The document outlines a series of risk factors, at-risk populations and good practices, which can be utilized to inform injury prevention interventions and strategic planning.

In accordance with the most common causes of injury in Ontario, evidence-informed practice recommendations have been prepared on the following topics:

  • falls
  • off-road vehicles
  • on-road vehicles
  • pedestrian incidents
  • unintentional poisoning
  • suffocation and breathing-related incidents
  • sports and recreational injuries
  • suicide
  • violence

For more information and to access the Evidence-Informed Practice Recommendations, click here.


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