Operation Headway

Operation Headway is a multi-partner program aimed at reducing bike related head injuries by increasing bike helmet use among all ages.

It combines enforcement of helmet legislation, education and economic penalty for not wearing helmets as well as rewards for wearing helmets. It was developed in Nova Scotia (NS), in 2004, with collaboration between Halifax Police, QEII Neurosurgery and The Brain Injury Association of NS (BIANS).

 It’s objectives include:

  • Increase awareness of provincial bike helmet legislation
  • Increase enforcement of helmet legislation
  • Increase compliance with helmet legislation
  • Increase awareness of effects of bike related head injuries
  • Sustain helmet use by continued enforcement and education

The program adopts a multi-prong approach to helmet use enforcement through a rewards system and a punitive action system. Offenders can choose to enrol in a diversion program called “Noggin Knowledge”to have the ticket reversed. The “Noggin Knowledge” program is a 2-hour eduction session that takes place after the designated enforcement period. It is designed to teach individuals the risks associated with not wearing a helmet as well as to encourage them to comply with helmet safety laws and rules of the road.

The poster below provides details the successes of the program. Download the resource to learn more!


Operation Headway Poster
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