Return-to-School Strategy

This Return-to-School Strategy is a visual tool that lists the graduated stages of progression when returning to learning and the school environment following a concussion.

Dealing with a concussion can be a daunting experience for both the injured student and those involved in their care and recovery. Since no two concussions are the same, each student can experience different levels of symptom severity and progression. Therefore, it is important to remember to never rush the process, and encourage students to only participate in those activities that they can tolerate without worsening symptoms.

Returning to learn and school must always happen before full return to sport (see the Return-to-Sport Strategy) and be supervised by a licensed medical professional, preferably with experience in concussion management.

Divided between the home and school environment, the 4-stage Return-to-School Strategy guides you through gradual increments in cognitive and physical activity and recommends activities at each stage, making it easy to understand the recovery process.

The Return-to-School Strategy is useful to anyone involved in the care of a concussed student within the home and school environment, such as parents, caregivers, teachers, and coaches.


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