PrevNet – Canada’s authority on bullying prevention

PREVNet is a national network of leading researchers and organizations, working together to stop bullying in Canada. The primary aim of PREVNet is to stop the violence caused by bullying through education, research, training and policy change.

PREVNet is an umbrella network of 122 leading Canadian research scientists and 62 national youth-serving organizations. Launched in 2006 with the Networks of Centres of Excellence, PREVNet’s mission is to stop bullying in Canada and to promote safe and healthy relationships for all Canadian children and youth. Created and led by Scientific Co-Directors, Dr. Debra Pepler of York University and Dr. Wendy Craig of Queen’s University, this national network is the first of its kind in Canada, leading positive change in the way we understand and deal with bullying problems in this country.

PREVNet has three key messages:

  • Bullying is wrong and hurtful
  • Bullying is a relationships problem
  • Promoting relationships and eliminating violence are everybody’s responsibility

The PREVNet portal features a vast array of research evidence, toolkits, research reports and evidence briefs, and program interventions useful to Parents, education, teens and injury prevention professional. Explore PREVNet to learn more and stop the violence of bulling in Canada!


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