Smart Hockey Concussion Kit

The Parachute Smart Hockey Program was designed to reduce brain and spinal injuries on the ice.

The kit is intended to guide you through the Parachute concussion information and help you to integrate it with your hockey team.

The kit includes:

  • Concussion Education Checklist and Action Plan
  • Concussion Education Team Meeting Guide
  • ThinkFirst Smart Hockey Pledge Form
  • 6 Step Return to Play Guidelines
  • Concussion Guidelines for the Coach/Trainer
  • Concussion Guidelines for the Athlete
  • Concussion Guidelines for Parents/Caregivers
  • Personal Concussion Record

A key piece of the Parachute Smart Hockey Concussion Kit is the ThinkFirst Smart Hockey Video, developed to teach players, families, coaches, trainers, safety people and leagues about concussions and preventing injuries on the ice. Link to the video is found below.

Smart Hockey Concussion Kit 2014
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