Too Hot for Tots! INFO GRAPHIC

Too Hot for Tots Infographic

This new Too Hot for Tots!  Info Graphic throws light on the impact of burns and scalds on young children’s lives. Each year in Canada, thousands of young children are treated in Emergency Departments for serious scald and burn injuries. No one ever dreams an injury like this will happen to their child but it can and it does.

Caregivers suffer tremendous guilt after these injuries and are often accused of lacking “common sense “when in fact what caregivers lack, is education about the burn hazards in their home and awareness that a child’s skin is thinner than an adults and burns more quickly and deeply.

The Too Hot for Tots! program was developed so public educators would have the necessary resources to teach caregivers about this common, serious and preventable cause of childhood injury.

The program includes several resources which are described here.Most of the resources are translated into French, Punjabi, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese and can be purchaesd individually or as a complete “Tool Kit”. To learn more about the program, visit the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund.


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