Too Hot for Tots!

Burn Injuries in Children

In 2010, 464 children ages 0 to 14 experienced a hospitalization and 9,399 children visited an emergency department as a result of a burn/fire injury. Of these figures, over 65% of those children were between the ages of 0 to 4 (Parachute, 2015).

Compared to all other age groups, young children are at high risk for burns as their skin is thinner than an adult’s skin. In fact, a child’s skin burns four times more quickly and deeply than an adult’s at the same temperature.

Too Hot for Tots 

Too Hot for Tots is a program of the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund. Too Hot for Tots! provides multi-lingual resources for parents/caregivers, professionals and educators on how to prevent and treat burns in children. Resources include handbooks, videos, posters, display panels, and post cards. While produced in B.C., these resources can be adapted to jurisdictions across Canada.

The effectiveness of Too Hot for Tots! has been assessed through an impact evaluation conducted by the B.C. Injury Prevention Unit. The evaluation results demonstrated a statistically significant increase in caregiver’s knowledge, attitudes and practices around burns prevention in the home after exposure to the program. Listed below are the evaluation reports:

Full report – Too Hot for Tots! Evaluation of a Pediatric Burns Prevention Resource

Evaluation Brief – Too Hot for Tots! Pediatric Burn Prevention Program .

Survey Summary – Too Hot for Tots! Survey Results



Parachute. (2015). The Cost of Injury in Canada. Parachute: Toronto.

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