Toolkit for Survivors of Suicide Loss and Postvention Professionals

The Mental Health Commission of Canada features an extensive Toolkit for Survivors of Suicide Loss and Postvention Professionals.

The toolkit is positioned to be a one-stop repository of high-quality, publically available resources. It is intended that this toolkit will reach both survivors and postvention professionals as they seek resources and materials they need to navigate the difficult path of suicide-related grief and bereavement.

Resources range from the general to the specific within the spectrum of suicide prevention, intervention, postvention, and grief-management. Listed below is a non-exhaustic list of resources that address:

  • Suicide Grief – General
  • In the Immediate aftermath
  • Suicide Grief – Supporting Child and Teen Survivors of Suicide Loss
  • Surviving the Holidays
  • Suicide Postvention in the Workplace
  • Advocacy: How to tell your story safely
  • Letter Templates
  • Military
  • First Nations / Inuit and Metis Communities
  • Capacity Building Tools
  • WHO Suicide Specific Documents

Find each of the above toolkits at the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s website:

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