UN Global Status Report on Road Safety

The World Health Organization (WHO) released its’ third global report on road safety, based on 2013 data. The Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015 provides information and statistics from 180 countries. According to the report, global road traffic deaths have plateaued at 1.25 million per year, with the highest road traffic fatality rates in low-income countries.

In the last three years, 17 countries have aligned at least one of their laws with best practice on seat-belts, drink–driving, speed, motorcycle helmets or child restraints. While there has been progress towards improving road safety legislation and in making vehicles safer, the report shows that the pace of change is too slow.

Canadian figures indicate:

  • There were 2,077 road traffic deaths in 2012 (72% male and 28% female).
  • 34% of road traffic deaths involved alcohol in 2010.
  • The majority of deaths were to drivers in 2012.
  • The general trend for road traffic death rates has been declining since 2005.

Areas for future action include:

  • Changing road user behaviour
  • Improving enforcement of existing laws
  • Including the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists in planning
  • Making cars safer

Access the third Global Status Report on Road Safety and related resources by clicking here

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