Water-related fatality facts at a glance: Canada 1991-2010

The Canadian Red Cross has produced this research report on drownings in Canada.

With the assistance of the Provincial Chief Coroner’s offices, the Red Cross is able to look at who is drowning and in what circumstances. This research is influential in determining Red Cross public education strategies and community initiatives, as well as identifying key messages and skills that all Canadians need to help them stay safe in, on and around the water. Produced in 2014, this report uses data from 1991-2010, along with opinion polling, to provide important information on water-related fatalities in Canada.

Canadians enjoy an abundance of aquatic activities through thousands of waterfronts (ocean, lakes, rivers, and private pools) and recreational facilities. Tragically, hundreds of Canadians die each year in water-related fatalities.The Canadian Red Cross is committed to preventing water-related injuries and fatalities.

Water-Related Fatality Facts at a Glance: Canada 1991-2010 - Canadian Red Cross
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