Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health is an initiative of the Great-West Life (GWL) Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace. Established in 2007, the Centre has three main objectives:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of workplace psychological health and safety
  • Improve the ability to respond to mental health issues at work
  • Turn knowledge into action through practical strategies and tools for employers

The Centre works to achieve these objectives by:

  • Funding and sponsoring research and initiatives aimed at improving the understanding, prevention and management of mental health issues, particularly as they impact the workplace
  • Promoting and facilitating knowledge exchange through the sharing of research, resources and survey results
  • Supporting the development of programs and resources aimed at improving psychological health and safety in the workplace

Tools and resources are made available at no charge, and focus on providing education on a wide spectrum of workplace mental health issues such as strategies to improve psychological health and safety,  managing workplace issues, job-specific strategies, and emotional intelligence tools and training.

Visit GWL’s Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace for more information on Workplace Strategies for Mental Health.

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