Distracted Driving

In Canada, driver distraction is a factor in approximately 13 to 16 percent of fatal crashes and 23 to 27 percent of injury crashes. Young drivers have been shown to be at a higher risk, as distracted driving is a factor in up to 19% of all fatal crashes involving teens. Novice teen drivers are considered more likely than adults to engage in risky driving behaviours, specifically in the area of distracted driving, due to their widespread use of mobile devices and increased susceptibility to distraction. Among all causes of distracted driving, texting while driving is of particular concern among young drivers.

This collection features a series of articles, reports and factsheets that provide up to date evidence and information on distracted  driving and youth. This includes information on:

  • The prevalence of distracted driving among young drivers
  • Common distractions and risk factors for young drivers
  • Young driver attitudes, perceptions and behaviours towards distracted driving
  • Existing legislation to prevent distracting driving
  • Public education, awareness, program prevention and policy solutions to consider when dealing with this emerging issue

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