Drug-impaired driving

Research shows that drug-impaired driving among Canadian youth is becoming comparable to drinking and driving. For example, in 2012, 41.0% of fatally injured drivers aged 16-19 tested positive for drugs, while 34.5% tested positive for alcohol. Furthermore, recent survey data has found that 21% of high school students have driven at least once within an hour of using drugs and that more young drivers drive after using marijuana than after drinking alcohol.

This collection features a series of articles, reports and toolkits that provide up to date evidence and information on drug-impaired driving and youth. This includes information on the:

  • The prevalence of drug-impaired driving among young drivers
  • The effects of cannabis and other drugs on driving and crash risk
  • Young driver perceptions, behaviours and attitudes towards drug use and drug-impaired driving
  • Prevention programs, public awareness and educational campaigns, enforcement and policy approaches for deterring drug-impaired driving

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