Multidisciplinary Road Safety Approaches

Transportation is an integral and unavoidable aspect of our lives. However, it can also put us at high risk for injury. In 2010 alone, transport-related incidents resulted in over 2,620 deaths, over 28,300 hospitalizations and over 290,000 emergency room visits in Canada.  Our reliance on cars and other motor vehicles, the design of our communities, sharing the road with pedestrians and cyclists, and the time dedicated to traveling are all contributing factors.

While prevention activities which address specific transportation means, such as driving, cycling and walking are imperative, utilizing a holistic perspective, whereby the focus is placed on the entire road system can be seen as a more comprehensive approach.

This collection includes evidence-based, multidisciplinary road safety solutions which build off of the comprehensive and innovative nature of the Vision Zero initiative. Vision Zero embodies that road safety should be a shared responsibility among all involved in the road system. With a goal of achieving zero fatalities or serious injuries on the road, multidisciplinary road safety solutions are one piece of the puzzle.


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