We recommend you don’t use a used car seat as you will not know the history of the seat – for instance, whether or not it has been in a collision.

However, if you decide to use a used seat, here are important factors to consider.

national safety mark sticker
National Safety Mark sticker
  • Does the car seat still have the original manual or booklet?
  • Is it clear what height and weight the car seat is designed for?
  • Does the car seat have an expiry date embossed in the plastic and a round National Safety Mark sticker?
  • Has the car seat been recalled? Check on the Transport Canada website for recalls
  • Has the car seat ever been in a crash? If so, it should not be used again, even if it looks undamaged.

Check the expiry date. All car seats and booster seats sold in Canada have an expiry date on them. Do not use car seats or booster seats past their expiry date.

Cutting off harness straps of car seat

Instead, dispose of seats with expired dates. To discard a car seat that is no longer safe to use, first cut the harness straps and tear the fabric. This damage will ensure the seat is not taken from the garbage and reused.