Cycling is a healthy way to travel and injury risk lessens when roads are built to protect cyclists and vehicle speed limits lowered. Read also safety tips and best practices for cyclists of all ages.

Cycling helmet legislation

Issue: Head injuries Head injuries are the leading cause of severe injury and injury-related deaths to children on bicycles. Problem: Low helmet use Research shows that a properly fitted helmet can decrease the risk of serious head injury by over 80 per cent. This means four out of five head injuries could be prevented if […]

Health Facts Sheets: Circumstances surrounding cycling fatalities in Canada, 2006 to 2017

This Health Facts Sheet by Statistics Canada looks at cycling fatalities in Canada from 2006-2017. This report provides a breakdown of fatalities by various factors such as age, sex, helmet use, use of alcohol/drugs, and more.

Cycling Canadian legislation chart

This chart outlines bike helmet legislation, required use of lights/reflectors at night, required use of bells/horns, “dooring” legislation and minimum passing distance by province/territory.

Pedestrian and Cycling Safety in Toronto (2015)

Developed by Toronto PublIc Health, this report describes the health impacts of collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists in Toronto and studies Toronto-specific data to identify risk factors for collisions that result in pedestrian and cyclist injury.

Promote your ERS project

Awareness-raising campaigns can educate students, parents and the community about your ERS project. Campaigns can also be used to promote sustainable modes of transport and support physical infrastructure changes. Think about using one of these to launch your ERS project at your school.  We’ve developed a suite of illustrations that can be used on posters or […]

Your ERS leadership team

A variety of stakeholders must be involved to make your Elementary Road Safety (ERS) project a success. The lead stakeholder is typically a school committee driving the idea of change, together with local government, planners and enforcement representatives who have the power to implement change.  Ideally, each ERS leadership team should leverage an existing committee […]

Elementary Road Safety

This Parachute program, co-created with Aviva, supports and empowers school communities to explore, adapt and implement measures that will improve their local road safety.

Observational counts

Do this exercise to collect information about travel mode – how children get to school whether by walking, wheeling or as passengers in a vehicle – during morning drop-off time. Collecting this information will help you know if any of your interventions have helped to increase the number of children who use active forms of […]